Make a list

Create a list of everything you are planning to transport. This will make it easier to plan accurate space allocation on the van as well as it will ensure everything you moved was delivered.


Have plenty of packaging

It is important that you have your goods properly packed for many reasons. You wouldn’t want anything to get damaged during transport, and if your goods are packed properly then nothing should go wrong. More importantly, if your goods are not packed properly, should any damage occur during transport the goods may not be insured.

Here are some tips to help you pack:

Before packing goods into boxes, you will need to ensure that you wrap the items individually to prevent them from scratching. You may use material such as foam or bubble wrap to cover the items individually, then place them into boxes.

Make sure you use strong tape for your box, so that it doesn’t open during transport.

Label any fragile goods so that we know which boxes should be given extra care. Labeling boxes will also help you know what goes where when we deliver to your new home.


Make it efficient

Upon our arrival we want to be as time efficient as possible. Although it may not always be possible, we would appreciate your efforts to secure a parking space outside of your property for the van. 


On your marks

Colour code/tag your boxes and items. When your items are marked, not only it will make it easier to recognise which items are yours, but it will remove the risk of any items being left behind. 


Size and Weight Restrictions

When you book with us, you will be priced on the basis of how much stuff you want to take, how heavy it is and where you want it to go. You will therefore either pay for a full load (where we send out a dedicated van that will only take your goods), half a load (allows you to take 600kg or 12 cubic meters), or a quarter (300kg or 6 cubic meters). Don’t worry, we will help you establish how much space you will require.


Customs, Import duties and Taxes

As all European countries share the free movement of goods, movement of personal goods is easier. However, as countries such as Norway or Switzerland are not an official member of the European Union, when moving to those countries or if you are moving out of those, we need to do extra paperwork.

It will be unlikely for you to be subject to import duties and taxes, if you are transporting used household goods. Different countries have different rules, therefore we advise you to ask us regarding your move, when transporting goods from countries outside of the European Union.

If you have any further questions regarding Customs, contact us and we will be able to help.