1. You, the Client must pack all items properly. Items which are packed insufficiently or unsuitably for transport will not be covered by our insurance policy. Insurance shall only be liable in respect of losses arising from fire and/or theft and over collision to or overturning of the carrying Conveyance.

2. Check your goods upon arrival, after signing off the delivery note the damage claims will not be taken into consideration.

3. 50% of the payment should be made within 72 hours of acceptance of the booking. The remaining 50% is to be paid no later than on the agreed day of collection. We will not be able to deliver the goods without the full payment received on our accounts. Any delays caused by late payment may be subject to additional charges. Payment in cash can be accepted if agreed directly with us.

4. You must provide a full inventory list with the estimated value and total weight of goods you wish to transport. Maximum load we can take is 1000KG and 24 cubic meters per full van, that being 500KG and 12 cubic metres for half a van, and 300KG and 6 cubic metres for a quarter of a van. We will therefore quote you on that basis.

5. The weight of a single box should not exceed 25KG, unless otherwise specified in the job listing.

6. Should the weight of your goods be higher than the one agreed, or should you have more goods that will not fit onto the van, we reserve the right to make additional charges and we will store your goods until a price is agreed.

7. If we supply any additional services, there are delays outside our reasonable control we may make additional charges for waiting time, any other fees or charges that we may incur and pay to carry out the services you require, we reserve the right to make additional charges.

8. Client should check to provide parking space for the collection and delivery. Any fees or charges our van may incur, due to parking permissions, are to be covered by the customer.

9. The driver will help to load and unload the goods free of charge up to the first floor. Any additional floors will be subject to additional £10.00, if we are not informed before the agreement is made.

10. The driver will only assist with loading and unloading of goods. Second person can be provided to help load and/or unload goods for an additional charge.

11. We may subcontract the transport, and hence any claim for loss, damage to goods, non-delivery or wrong delivery must be lodged against the individual Courier’s insurance and not to Jovada Express. We will be responsible for such if the cause is proved as negligence or the default of Jovada Express.

12. We will make every reasonable effort to comply by the Clients’ requirements and to satisfy any agreement between the customer and Jovada Express..

13. Any cancellations occurring in less than 48 hours prior to pick-up will be subject to a cancellation fee of at least 50% of the transport cost.

14. If you do not provide us with a declaration value of your goods, if we lose or damage your goods through our negligence, we will pay you up to a maximum of £25.00 for each item which is lost or damaged.

15. In the event of damage to antique items and/or works of art insured hereunder liability is restricted to the reasonable cost of repairs and no claim is recoverable in respect of depreciation. In no case shall liability hereunder for such repairs exceed the sum insured in respect of the damaged article.

16. All customs documentation, requested by us and our customs agents, must be sent prior to loading unless agreed otherwise. Any delays caused by late provision of documents will be subject to a charge of £50 per day of delay.